Our demands – transform DONAUFELD into „VIENNA EVERGREEN“!

Austria only has 8% high-quality farmland – Donaufeld is part of it. We need the fertile alluvial soil of Donaufeld for the protection of climate and species, vegetable production and food security for us as well as future generations. No further development of Donaufeld! Let’s preserve the last remnants of Donaufeld in the „Vienna Evergreen“ for generations!

The idea of building homes on the fertile soil of Donaufeld originated in the last millennium. Climate change, the loss of valuable farmland, food security, and global mass extinction of species were already noticeable and proven back then – unfortunately awareness of them in the public and in larger sections of politics grew much later. The logical conclusion from this is an immediate RETHINK – NOW!

Utterly ignoring these crises, Donaufeld is still planned as an area for city expansion.
On June 24, 2020, the Vienna City Council adopted the „New Green Space Concept„. The mission statement identifies areas that should be preserved for generations. It includes the category ‚Vienna Evergreen‘: These areas are protected forever as high-quality green land spaces. No building is allowed in these areas. The only exceptions are facilities for recreation or for forestry and agriculture.

We demand that Vienna’s Mayor Dr. Michael Ludwig, the members of the new Vienna city government and the municipal council take the courageous step, after the Vienna elections in 2020, of turning to a future-oriented climate, biodiversity and food policy for Vienna and Donaufeld.
We call on Vienna’s politicians NOT to continue to build on Vienna’s highly fertile farmland and to include Donaufeld in the ‚Vienna Evergreen‘ in order to preserve it for food security, biodiversity and climate protection for future generations.

We call on all stakeholders to agree on alternative solutions for the necessary residential construction in Vienna and to conduct appropriate studies (based for example on the German model) for the multi-storey development of single-storey supermarkets, commercial areas, parking lots etc. In Vienna Floridsdorf alone, according to initial calculations, up to 130 ha of already sealed Land could be suitable for such development.

We see it as the responsibility of a future-oriented planning and housing policy in Vienna to RETHINK AND ACT NOW!